Cotton Candy Vomit Designs (_mylittleshoppe) wrote in bagsofcharacter,
Cotton Candy Vomit Designs

5 new purses.
check it.

the detail is a stenciled reproduction of Magritte's "Les Amants"

the detail is a stenciled portrait of Frida Kahlo

"cut along the dotted line" & LOTSA raindbow (I liked this one a lot)

bats with spiderweb lining,
it looks better in person,
the straps have purple stitching and it looks really neat!
even though it's a smaller purse!

detail is a stenciled portrait of Salvador Dali

hope you guys like the new purses!
they're on sale on my selling journal.
everything is still 25% off so I can sell a lot of stuff before my wedding.

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